2018 Fall Meeting by Jonah Attebery

The next PALISI meeting will be held on September 6-8 in Boston, Mass and the PALISI GH subgroup meeting held Thursday, Sept 6 from 2:15-4:15 in the Wilbur room.  Find more information here.

Fall 2017 Meeting minutes and slides by Jonah Attebery

PALISI Global Health Subgroup

Meeting Minutes: 9/15/17

Participants: Ericka Fink, Allan Doctor, Katie Nielsen, Asya Agulnik, Peter Meaney, Srin Murthi, Ndidi Musa, Amelie von Saint Andre, Adnan Bhutta, Yudy Fonseca, Daya Bagdure, Fiona Muttaub, Vinay Nadkarni, Shelton Wright, Karen Lidsky, Liz Tucker

Project Presentations:

1.       Katie Nielsen -  HFNC respiratory support post-extubation in Lima, Peru

2.       Peter Meaney - Saving Children’s Lives in Botswana

3.       Asya Agulnik - Improving outcomes for hospitalized pediatric oncology patient in resource limited settings

4.       Allan Doctor and Adnan Bhutta -  Research and clinical fellowship opportunity in Malawi

5.       Amelie von Saint Andre and Ericka Fink - Update on group project. Survey on PCCM clinician researchers will be submitted to Frontiers in Pediatrics shortly.  

6.    Update from Jhuma Sankar on her balanced salt project (via email)

- We have so far enrolled 109 patients as against our target of 150 by this time. We started in April this year so I guess its going slower than expected.

- I am about to wrap up my EGDT project comparing intermittent versus continuous monitoring and clinical outcomes and therapeutic end points in both groups. Hope to analyse the data and send the abstract for the world conference by December

Future Directions:

·        New group project on creating collaborative, multi-site surveys and point prevalence studies, potentially with development of a long-term multi-site data-base to be discussed via virtual meetings over the next few months. Please send ideas/ comments to Amelie and Ericka and we will coordinate a conference call.

Member project feature: Teresa Kortz by Jonah Attebery

Teresa Kortz is junior faculty in Pediatric Critical Care at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), and has a passion for children’s health in resource-constrained settings. She graduated from the University of Washington School of Medicine Global Health Track, completed clinical training in Pediatrics and Critical Care at Stanford University, and earned a Global Health Sciences (GHS) Masters degree (UCSF). This fall, she will begin a GHS Clinical Research PhD at UCSF and focus on improving pediatric mortality driven by region-specific data within local resource constraints. Prior pediatric research interests include malnutrition, fluid resuscitation, sepsis, and pneumonia in resource-constrained settings. She currently has two active projects in East Africa, one evaluating pediatric sepsis outcomes, the second on the etiology and management of non-malarial fever.

Find a description of her sepsis project here.

Fall 2016 Meeting Agenda by Jonah Attebery

The next PALISI meeting will be held September 27 - October 1, 2016 at the Westin City Center Hotel in Washington, DC and the agenda for the PALISI Global Health subgroup has been set:

PALISI Global Health

Thursday, September 29, 2016, 1:00 – 3:45 pm EST

Room: Sherwood Room

Call-in information: TBA


1:00-1:05              Introductions

1:05-1:20              GH Sub-group Bylaws Discussion and Vote (Ericka Fink, MD)

1:20-1:40              Survey Update (Amelie von Arnim, MD)

1:40-1:45              New Fellowship in PCCM Global Health (Allan Doctor, MD)

1:45-2:45             Protocol presentations/update

   1:45-2:15           K application (Teresa Bleakly, MD)

   2:15-2:30          Balanced salt solution in septic shock protocol (Jhuma Sankar, MD)

   2:30-2:45         PCORI ICU rehab survey (Ericka Fink, MD)

2:45-3:05            Development of PALISI group in Japan (Atsushi Kawaguchi, MD)

3:05-3:30             Research Network Update (Ericka and Amelie)

3:30-3:45             Website and logo update (Jonah Attebery, MD)